About Ruth

I have always owned one or more pets while at home growing up. Owning pets has continued into my adult life and from having children of my own to teach them how to care for and love pets what ever Pet we had from a bird, cat, dog, hamster, even fish turtles and farm animals to name a few.

What got me into the home/pet sitting Business? Burn out from the corporate world and travel as they called my position “A Road Warrior”. I decided to make a change to own my own Business and figuring out just what I really loved to do.

I decided upon a business that would bring fulfillment, pride and satisfaction to my life. A Pet/Home Sitter Business owner was and still is what I love to do and enjoy.

  • To care for your pet , give your pet love and the very best care while you are away.
  • And providing security for your home and grounds leaving you peace of mind.

It’s been the best move I have ever made to leave the corporate world to become the very best at what I do caring for pets, homes, all animals big or small and to meet You the pet owner.